Who is Bree Barton?

Bree Barton is a lover of words, cheese, and alliteration (for obvious reasons). As a young girl she lived under a moldering dock where she kept small silver fish in the palm of her hand. At night she sang haunting lullabies to the shoal, and in the morning they swam through her fingers, dusting her skin with salt and moonlight.

In her slightly less magical but still fantastical life, Bree writes stories. Her debut YA trilogy, BLACK ROSE, comes out from Katherine Tegen/HarperCollins in 2018. Pitched as Graceling meets Pride and Prejudice, BLACK ROSE tells the story of Mia Rose, a girl who, on the eve of her marriage to a prince, discovers she has dark, forbidden magic, magic her powerful family's sole purpose was to destroy.

Mia is a blood witch, but she's a lot more than that. She's a scientist, a scholar, a sister—and a feminist. Mia is the sort of girl who would rather rappel with her wedding dress than actually wear it. She is not a fan of corsets.

But this is about Bree, remember?

Bree has published short stories in The Iowa Review, Mid-American Review, NANO Fiction, Blue Monday Review, PANK, Cease, Cows, and Necessary Fiction, and non-fiction in USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, TinyBuddha, and McSweeney's. She has studied fiction with Nova Ren Suma, Francesca Lia Block, Kevin Brockmeier, and Kelly Link. She once touched two fingers on Anne Lamott's hand.